What to Know Before Signing Up for Long Term Car Rental in Singapore

rent a car singapore

Looking to rent a car in Singapore for the long term?

Singapore is a friendly country to those who would like to explore around. Transportation is easy but if you see yourself staying for several months or more than a year even, renting a car may offer you a lot of benefits.

You no longer have to rush your way to the train station every morning. You will not have to worry about the volume of passengers and the last train trip. However, you need to ensure that you have satisfied all necessary requirements before booking with a car rental company.

lease car singapore

On driving license

You need to be at least 23 years old, for one, to get started renting a car.

You also need to look into other necessary documents.  A foreign driving license may no longer be enough, especially if you have had your work pass before January 1st 2016. You will already need to convert to a Singapore driving license.

Be sure to adhere to the policies set by the car rental agency.  Don’t hesitate to contact the team in case you have further questions about long term car rental in Singapore.

Foreigners who are staying in Singapore on a social visit pass may not be required to secure a foreign driving license anymore. Be sure to coordinate with the car rental company to verify!

Again, the duration of your stay in Singapore is important in determining whether you will have to obtain a Singapore driving license. Be honest about your plans so the rental company can assist you as well.

rent a car fee

On rental fees

The car rental company will be providing you quotes upon your request. Verify if that rates provided to you already include insurance coverage. You may want to take advantage of a comprehensive insurance especially if you see yourself staying in Singapore for long.

Note that you are likely to be asked to pay for a refundable deposit, that which you can redeem once you’ve returned the vehicle. You may be able to save more from long-term rental than renting for a day so do study your options.

Do take note as well of any miscellaneous items that you need to take care of. These items can easily add up. Most if not all companies accept major credit cards so you have nothing to worry about.

car leasing singapore rules

On traffic and parking rules

As the person hiring the car, you will be responsible for any violations you make. If you have friends travelling to or currently living in Singapore, you might want to ask them about common traffic rules you need to keep in mind.

You don’t want to be breaking the law when you’re in a foreign country. Be careful in dealing with rules and always pay respect to local culture and traditions.

Driving around Singapore can make your stay all the more memorable as there are more sites you can reach at your own leisure time. In case you haven’t heard, nature walk sites in Singapore are beautiful too!

But before you go into planning your itinerary, you might as well secure your transportation option. Keep these reminders above in mind as you book for a long term car rental service.


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